TEMA ISENMANN has been a leading manufacturer of American-made polyurethane screening products and systems for over twenty-five years, supplying what the mining, aggregate and concrete industries need. We provide solutions and our engineering team continues to develop breakthrough products that we proudly bring to the industry. Our exclusive WS 2.10 is a patented wear protection product that can be applied to any steel surface that sustains wear. This high-quality Wear-Resistant Protection System is one of the most innovative products ever developed for mining and aggregate plants. Premature wear is successfully combated with this amazing no-bolt, no-glue, no-weld, no-retrofit protection system. The use of high-intensity rare earth magnets allows for ease of installation and removal when worn, reducing maintenance downtime and costs. All TEMA ISENMANN Systems are designed for efficient and productive low-maintenance. Our systems are engineered with simplicity in mind to deliver higher wear life, improved efficiency and reduced labor resulting in lower costs per ton.