Since 1990 Kraft has pioneered modern concrete curing - the process of controlling and optimizing the rate of cement hydration of manufactured concrete products. Kraft Curing Systems is located in Lindern Germany and Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania USA. We design, manufacture, install and service custom manufactured equipment for the measurement, recording, control and acceleration of the concrete curing process. Products include: - Vapor Generator - Quadrix II System - ThermalCure System radiant heat system - Hot Rocks Aggregate heating system - Batch Water Heaters - ConvectAir heated air circulation system - AutoCure control system - VaporWare date recording system - Kraft Pallet Rack Systems - Insulated Curing Chambers - Curing Enclosures - Turnkey installations - Competent technical and engineering services

Tarp Roller
BY: Kraft Curing Systems

The motorized Tarp Roller provides a reliable and effective cover for long line concr ...Read more

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