Water Treatment Solutions custom designs and installs patented and patent pending water filtration and recycling systems developed for the varied water needs of the stone, glass and concrete industries. The Team at Water Treatment Solutions brings together years of experience with water filtration and recycling expertise to provide these industries with the best closed-loop, zero discharge systems designed specifically for them. We have collaborated with leading equipment manufacturers and operators to design systems that will work in concert with your equipment to help reduce costs, increase productivity and insure environmental compliance. Our systems combine simplicity and efficiency. In the stone and glass industries the EnviroSystem produces “crystal clear water” guaranteed for your CNC, Water Jet, and critical polishing applications. High quality “gray water” is provided by our GrayTech system for your cutting, cooling, and less critical polishing functions. In the concrete industry, whether you operate a Precast or Ready-Mix facility, our designs enable you to recycle your truck wash-out and aggregate wash waters. We also recycle the water from setting ponds and dewater all solid waste, while adjusting pH. For customers with large quantities of solids, our semi-automatic filter press-based systems are designed to reduce down time and increase productivity. All our systems enable you to conserve a precious commodity by recycling your water. In 2017 our customers saved over 5 billion gallons of drinking